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Chinch Bug/Dollar Spot

July is prime time for chinch bugs and we have been noticing them in quite a few lawns. They are a small surface feeding insect that can kill patches of your lawn by piercing the blades of grass and sucking the juice out. If you notice brown patches in your lawn, give us a call and we will check it out for you. Please copy and paste the following link to find out more and view an image of the various generations found in the lawn http://entoweb.okstate.edu/ddd/insects/chinchbug.htm .

We have also been noticing small patches of dollar spot. Dollar spot is a disease caused by hot, humid weather. It is easy to identify as it starts out as small dollar sized spots that looked bleached out. Fertilizing and not watering in the evening will help to prevent dollar spot. If the spots start to merge together it may need to be treated. If you need a treatment or would like us to check it out, give us a call. The hotter weather also means spiders are becoming more active and noticeable, we can spray for spiders until around the end of September. Finally I recently received an e-mail from a customer that I would like to share with you. Here it is-"I think it is only fitting that we get the good word out when we have a great supplier that is looking to serve more residents on the Island. I have lived here for 15 years and it is seldom that I can recommend good contractors. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Sun Parlour weed and Spider control. They are very thorough and conscientious and effective. Their pricing is fair and they deliver what they promise. What else can you ask for? Our home is as spider free as it has ever been at a very competitive price. I have nothing to gain by advertising for them, I just want everyone on the Island to be satisfied with the services they receive. Please pass this on."
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