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 Lawn Services


All plants and animals require nutrients to grow and enjoy good health. Applying the proper fertilizer in proper amounts at the proper time will produce a healthier landscape that is less susceptible to weed, insect and disease infestation. Not all fertilizer is created equal. We use only the highest quality fertilizer available, blended to our specifications for use on turf. The blend we use is 18-2-14 with 3% magnesium. This fertilizer usually lasts around 8 wks. Early application is the key to a proper balances between root a vegetative growth in spring. **ORGANIC FERTILIZER OPTION NOW AVAILABLE** Customers now have the option to choose the use of Organic Fertilizer in their lawn care programs. We will be using a Fortified Natural Organic Fertilizer plus Iron that is 75% Slow release. You are really going to like this one! There will be two prices under each program. The price that has the words "organic option" beside it will reflect the use of this fertilizer in that program.


Aeration is an important part of any successful lawn care program. It helps prevent your soil from becoming compacted and helps the roots of your turf become stronger. It also allows moisture and fertilizer reach the root zone easier. We use an aerator that pulls plugs from the turf. As these plugs break down they release bacteria that help break down any thatch layer that is present. Aeration is equally effective in the spring or fall. Fall aeration is included in all of our IPM Programs. Please let us know on your order form if you would prefer spring instead.


We will take samples from 4 spots on your lawn and send them to an accredited lab. When we receive the report we will see that you receive a copy. These reports tell us a number of factors about the soil along with any needed and suggested amendments. Soil tests are recommended once every 3 years. Soil tests are no longer included in any program but are still available.


Pelletized compost that will be spread in the spring. This will increase the soil moisture holding capacity resulting in better drought tolerance. It will also increase the soil nutrient holding capacity, maximizing plant nutrient uptake. This is a cheaper and much cleaner alternative to top dressing. Please call for a price if you are interested.


We will broadcast over seed using a Certified grass seed mixture (Guaranteed Weed Free) containing an endophyte enhanced perennial rye grass (Endophytic Grasses contain a naturally occurring fungus that grows symbiotically with the grass plant. It discourages insects form feeding on the leaves and stem of the plant.) This is best done in conjunction with a compost application or aeration.


Our slit seeder is ideal for lawns that have larger patches of dead grass or spots that are very thin. It cuts small slits in the soil and drops the seed directly into the slits for excellent seed to soil contact. Again we will use only a Certified seed mixture suited to your lawn and watering habits. This is the most cost effective way to repair lawns that have suffered insect problems or have dead patches from drought or other causes.


The grub control product we have used in the past is no longer available. Nematodes are available for grub control, but because of the high cost of this product and strict watering requirements we will not include it in our programs. We will monitor all lawns on our IPM Programs for grubs and let you know what, if anything we can do to control the problem. If you are interested in using nematodes, please call and we can discuss the feasibility of using nematodes in your lawn.


Chinch Bugs are probably the most common surface feeding insect that causes damage above the soil. Damage will usually start to show up in July and can continue into September depending on the weather. The best defense against chinch bugs is to keep your lawn watered adequately. We have a product to control chinch bug and it will be included only in IPM Programs with Insect Control. We will monitor all lawns on our IPM Programs and notify you of any insect problems.


We use Fiesta weed killer. Fiesta requires two applications 3-5 weeks apart to be effective. We will offer it as a standalone service.


Crabgrass needs direct sunlight to germinate, so it will usually grow in thin or bare spots and lawns that are cut too short or trimmed short along the edges. There are no reliable products available to treat crabgrass, but if you are able to water and mow your lawn at a height of 2.5 to 3 inches, crabgrass should not be a problem.


Thatch is a layer of dead plant material that builds up above the soil. A little thatch is okay but if the layer becomes to thick, the roots of your grass will start to grow in this layer. Thatch is also an ideal place for surface feeding insects to hide. It can also prevent nutrients and moisture from reaching the roots of your grass. We use a power rake to loosen and lift the thatch layer allowing your grass to receive the nutrients and moisture it needs. This will also help thicken the turf. This service is best done either in April or in the fall. We will have two prices for this service. The lower price will be for us to come in and do the de-thatching and for the homeowner to remove the thatch or you can leave it and allow it to break down. We will also give you a price for us to remove the thatch.


It is now more important than ever to be on the shrub program. With the new constraints on chemical use, we can no longer come out and spray a conventional insecticide to take care of a problem. It is imperative to take preventative action by signing up for the shrub spray program. Our shrub spray program consists of 4 applications, designed to control the most common insect pests of ornamental trees, and shrubs. It begins in April with a dormant oil treatment. Dormant oil acts as a physical control rather than a chemical control. Instead of poisoning the pest it suffocates the overwintering pest on the host plant. This treatment is excellent for the control of scale insects on euonymous, and spider mites on various evergreen trees and shrubs. The three treatments that follow in June, July, and August consist of a contact insecticide called Safer’s Soap targeting mainly spider mites and immature scale insects. Should an insect problem arise between treatments, we guarantee to provide an additional treatment at no charge to you.

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